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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you want to know?


What is the benefit of outsourcing estimate writing?

Outsourcing Xactimate report writing offers several benefits: 

  1. Time-saving: Creating accurate invoices/reports can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses and contractors who may already be stretched thin with providing services for their clients.  Allowing us to assist you by providing you with industry standard report/invoicing through Xactimate will save you time and money.

  2. Cost-effectiveness: While outsourcing estimate writing incurs a cost, it can ultimately result in faster payments received by minimizing errors. 

  3. Focus on core competencies: Being able to focus on such as client relations, sales, and ultimately the physical work is an essential part of growth and success. Outsourcing non-core tasks like estimate writing enables you to allocate more resources to the primary business objective

Overall, outsourcing invoice/estimate writing can help you improve efficiency, accuracy, and competitiveness.

Do you have an introductory offer?

Yes, we do have new client specials. Contact us to find out more.

What software do you use to create reports?

We us Xactimate to create our estimates and all of our reporting.

What is your turn around time?

We offer 3 - 5 business day turn around time for most projects. In the case that an estimate will take longer we will contact you to discuss the timeline and get your agreement.

What do you need from me?

Once you are a client (contact our client representative through the contact us button to become a client)

We will provide to you a scope sheet that you will take with you on all of your jobs. This scope sheet will be filled out and sent with any additional documentation you have for a individual job. i.e photos, video's, sketch's etc. 

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